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Green pesticide production base

High quality, efficiency and eco friendly

Advanced technology
Large-scale production lines in China with an annual
production capacity of over 40,000 tons
Annual production of 5000 tons of Pretilachlor
and 8,000 tons of ACEPHATE
Under the construction of a large and complete
production line for triazole pesticides in China
Continuous technological innovation
and equipment upgrade
High efficiency, low toxicity, low residue
Green, eco-friendly, pollution-free
and high-quality products
Professional R&D capability, abundant
production strength
Perfect service system, global layout view
Close integration of scientific research and
production to serve global agriculture



  Product advantages   Production capacity advantages   Quality assurance advantages
Technical grade pesticides with advanced production
process, stable and reliable quality
High content and low odor of ACEPHATE TC
High content of PRETILACHLOR TC, stable quality
not easy to change color
Currently the world's largest producer of
We are also the main producer of ACEPHATE
and other technical grade pesticides
Lion Agrevo insists on real-time testing from raw
materials to finished products
Traceability of the whole production process,
with product samples kept for 2 years and regular
sampling and testing
Professional quality assurance team to develop efficient
eco-friendly high-quality products
We regard safety as the life, quality the foundation
Sustainable development is the soul of enterprises

Quality, efficiency and environmental protection are Lion Agrevo's quality and brand principles
Lion Agrevo, with its professional R&D capabilities, abundant production strength and perfect service system, has concluded long-term
and stable partnerships with many agro-chemical manufacturing and sales companies
Lion Agrevo takes practical measures to protect the environment as well as social responsibility. Through technological innovation, process technology improvement
and EHS management system, we aim to give our customers a high quality product and service experience while creating a sustainable path of health,
safety and environmental protection, and reducing the impact of chemical production on the environment
Create a green future together with Lion Agrevo

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